Saturday, June 11, 2016

I Like...


Saturdays, because I don’t have to work and I can continue to snuggle in bed… alone.

Listening to Delilah on the radio, with her soothing voice and sappy love songs

Dog-eared books, reminders of many hours spent dreaming about other worlds

Watching AlDub fall in love. Trying to hide my wide grin. I believe that this loveteam earned the word "kilig" a place in the Oxford dictionary

A Jigzone puzzle with 247-piece triangles to completely empty the mind. No cares in the world except to click and click.

Old couples walking hand-in-hand. It's nice to know that there is a "forever".

Big veins on the patient’s arms, back when I was still at the bedside.

Old photographs of family and friends, especially when I'm homesick. Then I miss them so much more.

Boomer waiting by the window. Unconditional love.

Walking in the rain with friends as we double up in laughter. Certified Pluviophile here.

Double rainbows, double pots of gold.

Bob Ross and Norman Rockwell, geniuses and psychotherapists

The cover picture on my book, when I was young and somewhat pretty.

Challenging myself, out of my comfort zone.

Writing. Leaving a legacy of my thoughts.

Knowing that I have options, that I have so much more to offer.